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Real-Time Systems and Communication




Computersystems are going to be interacting in the modern world more and more. Computersystems collect facets and information about the real world, process them and affect the real world. Furthermore they are going to be even more mobile, just like the systems with which they interact. Control and supervision of technical processes and all kinds of embedded systems are the classical examples of those kinds of employments. Robotiksystems and - partly internet based - assistance systems will also achieve more importance in the futur. Since they are interacting with their environment directly (e.g. road traffic) they have to submit to real time conditions.


The working groups "real-time systems and commmunication", "Embedded Systems and Operating Systems" and "Software Technology"" together, form the "Department of Distributed Systems (IVS)", which is assigned to the computing faculty of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.

Leader: Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Edgar Nett

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